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Detailing for Steel Construction 3rd Edition – for free


The person who prepares the site drawings for the steel fabricator is called the steel detailer. The steel detailer uses the design drawings and specifications prepared by the structural engineer to prepare shop drawings and erection drawings for each portion of the project that the employer agrees to provide.

In other words, the steel detailer translates the design data into the information that the fabricator and erector need to actually construct the structure. The steel detailer may be an employee of the fabricator or a subcontractor. To prepare construction and erection drawings, the steel detailer works closely with the client’s appointed design representative (ODRD), usually the structural engineer of record (SER).

About the Book

This book addresses the detailed design of the structural steel, that is, the preparation of drawings for the fabrication and erection of this frame. Traditionally, the steel frame construction team consists of the owner, architect, engineer, contractor, fabricator, steel frame detailer, erector, and inspector. This team may include a construction manager who represents the owner and is responsible for completing the projecton time and within budget.

There are several ways in which an owner can structure a contract with a steel construction team to carry out a project. The most typical “Design-Bid-Build” method is described here. Another common method, called Design-Bid-Build, is described later in the text.

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