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Steel Structures Design and Practice- for free


Steel is one of the major construction materials used worldwide. It has many advantages over other competing materials, including a high strength-to-weight ratio, high ductility (hence its suitability for earthquake-resistant structures), and uniformity. It is also an environmentally friendly material in the sense that it is fully recyclable. Currently, several grades and shapes of steel exist.

Structural designers need to have a sound knowledge of the structural behavior of steel, including its material behavior, the structural behavior of individual elements and the structure as a whole.

Unless the structural engineer is aware of recent developments and understands the relationship between structural behavior and the design criteria implied by the rules of the design codes, he or she will strictly and blindly follow the rules of coda1and may even misapply them in situations beyond their scope.

Structural design emphasizes the pro portioning and joining of each element of a structure so that it can with stand all loads (load effects) that may act on it during its service life without undue de formation or collapse. Structural design is often considered both a science and an art.

It must balance theoretical analysis with practical considerations such as the degree of certainty of loads and forces, the actual behavior of the structure as opposed to idealized analytical or design models, the actual behavior of materials compared to assumed elastic behavior, and the actual properties of materials used compared to as summed materials.

About the Book

The objectives of this book are: (a) to explain the provisions of the recently revised and updated edition of IS 800:2007 based on limit state design; (b) to provide a wealth of examples to enable students to clearly understand the concepts; (c) to provide information on structural design failures and the latest developments in steel structural design; (d) to provide a source of further information for interested readers.

This book provides complete coverage of what undergraduate civil and structural engineering students need to know about steel structural design. Each chapter is organized with numerous tables, figures, and solved examples to help students clearly understand the concepts. Review questions and exercises at the end of each chapter help students absorb the ideas presented in each chapter and also experience the results obtained by applying them. To enhance the usefulness of this book, case studies of important aspects of structural design and failures are interspersed throughout the text.

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