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The history of the dog, and its transformation from wolf to domestic animal, goes back to prehistoric hunter-gatherer communities. In these rudimentary communities wolves scavenged for garbage around the camp and were a valuable source of hides and meat. Wolves also inadvertently raised the alarm when intruders or outsiders approached the camp.

One of the reasons why humans were the first to include wolves in their households may be that humans are generally programmed to keep animals as playmates and status symbols. The furry little wolf cubs may have been as attractive to our ancestors as they are to anyone today. As social animals, wolves may have easily transitioned between pack ties and human ties.

About the Book

This complete catalog of all things canine is a must-read for dog lovers everywhere. From Beethoven to Toto, dogs have a special relationship with humans and will forever be known as man’s best friend. This Encyclopedia of Dogs celebrates the enduring loyalty and companionship of our four-legged friends.

Beginning with canine history, evolution, and anatomy, this beautiful book presents dogs in art and advertising, sport and service, religion and culture. The great dogs of fiction are juxtaposed with their heroic helpers. More than 400 breeds are featured, from rudimentary and working dogs to companion dogs and scent hounds. Each breed is featured with beautiful photographs and fact-filled profiles detailing individual personalities, compatible owner traits, and breed-specific advice. If you’re looking to adopt a new pet, the book is packed with tips on a balanced diet, exercise, grooming, and training.

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