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Advanced Magnetic and Optical Materials Edited- pdf for free


For decades, semiconductors, metals, and ceramics have been used in highly complex systems such as optical and magnetic mass storage media, sensors, therapeutics, light-emitting diodes, and optoelectronic devices. In this context, numerous materials with improved properties perform a variety of functions, including data collection, processing, transmission, storage, and display, They perform various functions such as collection, processing, transmission, storage, and display of information.

Technological advances in magnetic and optical materials form a boundary shared by various fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, medicine, and materials science.

In the rapidly developing field of spintronics, information is encoded and processed in the form of quantum spin. Phenomena such as the giant magnetoresistance effect and spin transfer torque have already been exploited in practical devices, but the two main remaining challenges for spintronics circuits based on electron transport are Joule heating and short decay lengths due to spin-flip scattering.

About the Book

This book provides comprehensive information on advances in magnetic and optical materials. It also highlights some of the interesting features of these materials that are of particular importance in their performance in various areas of science and technology.

Furthermore, this book is the only one that brings together in one plat form the important discussions on synthesis, properties, characterization, and applications related to magnetic and optical materials. This book is divided into two parts:

The first part is Magnetic Materials. Various aspects of magnetic materials are discussed in detail by different authors, which should enable the scientific community to select the best materials for specific applications.

The second part, on the other hand, consists of optical materials, where past and recent breakthrough discoveries in optics and photonics are presented.

This book summarizes the basic synthesis techniques and approaches implemented in the research and development of advanced magnetic and optical materials. It includes contributions by eminent researchers from around the world on synthesis, characterization, modeling, and properties, state-of-the-art design, and innovative applications of magnetic and optical materials. These advanced studies provide a pathway to real-time applications of magnetic and optical materials.

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