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Basic Engineering Mathematics Fifth Edition- for free


Engineering mathematics is a branch of applied mathematics concerned with mathematical methods and techniques commonly used in engineering and industry. It is sometimes included in the broader category of engineering sciences, along with fields such as engineering physics and engineering geology. Engineering mathematics is an interdisciplinary subject that requires engineers to consider practical, theoretical, and other considerations outside their expertise and to address the constraints on their ability to do their jobs effectively.

About the Book

Unlike most engineering mathematics texts, this book does not assume a solid understanding of mathematics at GCSE level, and un like most low-level general mathematics texts, the content has been specifically tailored to the needs of engineers. The result is a unique book written for engineering students starting below GCSE level. Basic Engineering Mathematics is therefore ideal for students with a wide range of abilities, especially those who find the theoretical aspects of mathematics challenging.

Now in its fifth edition, Basic Engineering Mathematics has an established reputation as a must-read textbook for all students requiring a basic knowledge of the mathematics of engineering. The content is tailored to the needs of students studying Level 2 courses such as GCSE Engineering, Diploma and BTEC First Specification. It is also useful for Level3 students in understanding the basic concepts of mathematics, as it covers the compulsory topics of BTEC National and A Level Engineering.

John Bird’s approach is based on numerous real-life examples and supported by 750 exercises and 1550 practice questions. In addition, 14 review tests are included on a regular basis. Ideal for testing and homework, answers to the revision tests can be found on the accompanying instructor’s website.

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