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Estimating in Heavy Construction-for free


In contrast to building construction, there are only a few books in English on estimating in heavy construction, such as roads, bridges, and building foundations. This book is a collection of real-life examples from Germany based on German-language estimating books. These real projects are also applicable to the international market.

Totalization is based on specific construction methods that depend on boundary conditions, available machinery, and the quality and training of personnel. Note that totalization is always a stochastic process and does not yield deterministic results. Reliable estimating is not only important for contractors, but also for professional clients who wish to have a rough idea of the cost situation, especially in civil engineering and underground construction.

This is an expensive and complex task and cannot simply be measured in square meters or cubic meters of living space as in standard construction engineering. Considering the significant cost over runs that have occurred on recent large projects, one can see the need for a publication dedicated to heavy construction estimating.

About the Book

This book provides an excellent basis for cost estimating as all significant cost items are considered. The risks of various construction contracts are systematically evaluated with respect to the allocation of risk between the owner and the contractor. Special risks such as joint ventures are also taken into account. A systematic scheme is also provided for the calculation of interim interest.

The book distinguishes between time-dependent and time-independent costs. This allows for easy calculation of costs due to delays. The initial strategy part of this document discusses the impact of various levels of utilization and the cost/benefit consequences.

The calculations/estimates are not presented as a deterministic process, but rather show how they depend on strategic considerations, subjective factors, and stochastic characteristics. The book also demonstrates applications of cost estimating software.

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