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What will the civil engineering world look like in 2025? What role will civil engineers play in that radically different world? ASCE posed these questions to more than 60 thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds and countries, including civil engineers, engineers from other disciplines, architects, educators, and other leaders. The result was “AVision for Civil Engineering in 2025.

Civil engineers are rightly proud of their heritage. The Last 100 Years Over the past 100 years, clean water supplies have extended general life expectancy. Transportation systems have been an economic and social driving force. It has become a driving force in society. New bridges that blend strength and beauty have sped up transportation and brought communities closer together.

Public and private construction, where engineers provide the essential foundation for design and project oversight, creates hundreds of thousands of jobs and promotes community development. From the functional and beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in the United States, the Petron as Towers in Malaysia, and the Pont du Gard in France to lesser-known water and sewer systems, civil engineers have left their mark on various aspects of the daily lives of basically everyone in the world.

About the Book

The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025 presents an ambitious global vision for the future of civil engineering at all levels and in all aspects of the civil engineering community. The book is based on discussions at the Future of Civil Engineering: 2025Summit, held June21-23, 2006, in Lansdowne, Virginia. It draws on the collective wisdom of more than 60 experts from around the world to describe the knowledge, skills, and attitudes expected of civil engineers in 2025.

The original report was complemented two years later by “Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025: A Roadmap for the Profession, “published in 2009. In this second report, the path to translating the original vision into concrete actions is articulated through five vision statements, a series of supporting outcomes, andhigh-level action steps called tactics.

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