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Dictionary of Construction Terms- for free


How it all started: In about 1994, I started building a construction database in my Psion note book (anyone remember those pocket note books?) and would regularly add architectural terms, engineering and legal literature related to my firm’s work as a construction attorney! I was always excited to learn new terms and add them to the portfolio.

Then, about 10 years ago, with the advent of powerful computer systems and networking software, Fenwick Elliott built his own intranet platform and downloaded his own database. In his office, he invented the phrase “Simon says.” Thanks to Fenwick Elliott’s very active international practice, this data grew rapidly, and as the project became more complex, legal issues piled up with the new technology.

About the Book

The dictionary contains not only construction and engineering terminology, but also a wealth of definitions of terms related to law, litigation, adjudication, and arbitration that parties in today’s society should know. It is important for parties involved in construction, engineering, and technology to understand the actual meaning of words used by other parties.

Understanding what a “quoin” is is often just as important as understanding what an actual or would-be attorney means when they refers to “Quantum Meruit.

I believe this dictionary is extremely important for people at all levels in the construction, engineering, and technology business. For trainees and experienced personnel in the construction and engineering business, as well as those in and out of the legal and construction professions, a good, widely drawn dictionary is essential.

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