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Underground Spaces: Design, Engineering and Environmental Aspects- for free


It is a strongly held belief that population growth and demand for better lodging and leisure facilities, coupled with a desire to improve the landscape, will create the need to develop more underground spaces. This phenomenon, which began in countries with extreme climates, is now becoming more widespread.

Underground spaces are used for diverse needs. From classical excavation to the construction of subways, underground playgrounds, power plants, waste storage, and underground cities, its uses are many and varied. Its construction techniques are also diverse, ranging from open pit excavation to newly developed press-in methods.

The response of underground structures to loads depends on many parameters that are sometimes too complex or not well understood, resulting in budget overruns and failures that can lead to loss of property and human life. These uncertain cases must be addressed, and engineers must be able to accurately predict the performance of a structure from construction through its useful life.

About the Book

The First International Conference on Underground Spaces discussed trends in the use of underground spaces as well as structural and environmental material properties of underground space.

This book contains papers presented at the conference and covers a wide range of topics including: industrial uses of underground space, underground power plants, toxic and nuclear waste storage, energy underground reservoirs, underground sewage facilities, waste storage and management, road and rail tunnels, utility tunnels, fire protection, terrorism Defense against attack, and a wide range of other topics.

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