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 Structural Engineers Professional Training Manual- for free


Structural engineers usually begin their training long before they dream of entering this profession. As children, they studied roller coasters. They tended to show a certain creativity in everything they did, whether it was flying through tall bushes to Mars or solving mysteries that always plagued the neighborhood.

They were curious about how things worked: while there were certain constants in the world (ice cream tends to splatter on the sidewalk if you don’t eat it fast), there were also unpredictable things (a baseball ball can fly across the field or over a fence depending on how you hit it).

About the Book

One of the most difficult aspects of writing this book was, believe it or not, coming up with a title. It had to be descriptive yet concise, imaginative yet practical, inspiring yet memorable. The title of this book suggests that a wide variety of topics will be covered because of its simplicity. It is a manual on the broad subject of training engineering graduates.

The training process is a human one, and individual personalities can hinder or enhance the efforts of the mentor and the apprentice. It is suitable for both new graduates and experienced professionals. It is for licensed engineers from all spheres of society to renew their knowledge of business practices, material behavior, and personal improvement in communication with others.

Most importantly, this book will benefit the profession of structural engineering as we all work together to enhance its solid reputation of service to people of all walks of life, all races, all creeds, and all economic backgrounds.

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