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Land surveying is the art and science of establishing or re-establishing property (land) corners, lines, boundaries, and monuments based on recorded documents, historical evidence, and current standards of practice.

The judgment of a land surveyor is held to a high standard. Responsibility for negligence or negligent mis representation is a matter of properly performing the duties assigned to the public.

Professionals should exercise the reasonable skill and care that a land surveyor of ordinary skill and discretion would exercise under similar circumstances. Statements made by the land surveyor should be factual, direct based on the information in his or her possession, and free from prejudice to the client or adjacent property owner.

About the Book

This manual is intended to provide useful information on the usual or usual practice and procedure of land surveying in North Dakota. This manual is intended to familiarize the land surveyor with the laws and regulations of North Dakota (referred to as statutes and enacted by the state legislature). Statutes, by their nature, can be broad and do not always contain specific information.

To define the requirements contained in statutes, government agencies may create administrative rules. These rules are contained in the North Dakota Administrative Code (NDAC). These administrative rules are as enforceable as statutes, and all registrants are required to comply with NDAC; a chapter called NDAC 28 is assigned to Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors. This manual endeavors to relate or reference the various codes in NDAC 28.

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