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Leica TPS1200 Series High performance Total Station


The Leica TPS1200 Total Station offers exciting new features for speed, accuracy, ease of use, and reliability. The Leica TPS1200 Total Station makes even the most complex tasks more efficient than ever before.

Highly accurate angular measurements and precise long-range distance measurements are supported by automatic fine pointing and fast, reliable reflector location. Work faster, more accurately, and more relaxed.

TheTPS1200 can be configured and programmed to suit your application, work method, and required data output. Intuitive interface, powerful data management, on-board routines and programming: everything is easy to use and identical on the TPS and GPS.

Use the TPS1200 Total Station for surveying, engineering, stakeouts, topo, monitoring, etc. Combine with GPS. Benefit from the great productivity of the System 1200.

Designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards using the latest measurement technology, the Leica System 1200 is extremely efficient, reliable, and capable of withstanding the harshest environments. A highly intuitive new user interface, many features and functions, powerful data management, and user programming capabilities are common to both the System 1200 TPS and GPS.

Operators can switch instantly between TPS and GPS.This new high-tech TPS and GPS can perform all kinds of tasks faster, more accurately, and more efficiently than ever beforewith the same operation. And most importantly, it reduces costs and increases profits.

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