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The purpose of surveying is to gather information about the earth, its surface, and its topography. In order to gather information about phenomena and processes on the earth, surveying involves measurements. From these measurements, the information needed to model the Earth’s surface and the processes taking place on the Earth is extracted.

Land surveying is an essential skill for civil engineers. Surveying is used in all construction projects, including the building of bridges and infrastructure. Buildings and infrastructure must be built in the correct location, respect the boundaries of the site, and have the correct dimensions to correspond to the design. Large infrastructure projects in particular cannot succeed without land surveying. Especially for large projects, improper surveying can lead to construction losses and large insurance claims.

About the Book

This book covers a wide range of measurement techniques for collecting geospatial data. Figure1 shows some of the measurement techniques.

Part I covers classical land surveying techniques such as leveling and tachymetry, Part III covers GPS positioning, and Part IV covers various remote sensing techniques. Next, the measurements indicated by clouds are processed using the least-squares parameter estimation equations discussed in Part II to obtain mainly geometric information, e.g., the location coordinates of the terrain of the earth’s surface.

A terrain is a shape or feature of the earth’s surface, which can be natural, such as a river or mountain, or man-made, such as a road, railroad, canal, bridge, or building. The word has its roots in the Greek words topos (meaning “place”) and graphia (meaning “writing”), which means a description of a place in terms of its physical forms and features.

The ultimate goal is to store, store, and describe geospatial information in a geographic information system (GIS) and to visualize this information as a map, three-dimensional map, or digital terrain model. This topic will be addressed in Part VI.

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