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Handbook of Mechanical Engineering- for free


What is Mechanical Engineering One of the most diverse and varied engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering is the study of objects and systems in motion. As such, the field of mechanical engineering encompasses virtually every aspect of modern life, including the human body, a highly complex machine.

About the Book

Since 1914, the Duvel Handbook of Mechanical Engineering has been the standard reference book used by generations of students and engineers in German-speaking countries. The book covers all the basic topics of mechanical engineering.

Although the handbook intentionally focuses on fundamentals and problem solving, it also covers a wide range of applications. It includes figures and tables describing general material values and specific parameters. As a German handbook, it relies heavily on German industrial standards (DIN) and focuses on components from German manufacturers.

In addition, references to EN and ISO/IEC standards are increasing, and the importance of DIN standards is diminishing. Also, references to EN and ISO/IEC standards are increasing, making domestic DIN standards less important. As in the German edition, the topics covered in this book combine the fundamentals of theoretical science, materials, and engineering design with important applications in mechanical engineering.

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