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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design, construct, operate, and maintain machinery, robots, energy systems, manufacturing equipment, and anything else with moving parts. Mechanical engineering focuses on converting energy into power and motion and spans industries such as aeronautics, robotics, and manufacturing.

About the Book

The authors of Mechanical Engineering Systems take a very hands-on approach and bring the subject to life in this lively text supported by numerous activities and case studies. It assumes little prior knowledge of mathematics and introduces key numerical and statistical techniques through the unique features of Maths in Action.

We are very proud to present this series as the result of a joint publishing venture between Butterworth-Heinemann and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers. “Mechanical Engineering Systems is one of the first three titles in the core text series designed to cover a wide range of modules required for undergraduate engineering and technology courses.

These books are designed with today’s students firmly in mind and with a real-world engineering background at the fore front. “More and more students are choosing these courses as the basis for their professional engineering registration.

This book is part of the IIE-approved Newnes textbook series and is an important text for forming a practical, business, and academic foundation for the professional development of future engineers. Upcoming instructor support materials and the IIE textbook series website will provide handouts and additional materials for evaluation, as well as up-to-date web links that support and update the case studies in this book.

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