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Practical Electronics for Inventors- for free

Practical Electronics

Practical Electronics for Inventors provides practical instruction in circuit design and fabrication. Topics include how to draw circuit diagrams, use circuit simulator programs, soldering, safety rules, bread boards, how to make printed circuit boards, heat dissipation, enclosure design, and useful tools.

Perhaps the most common predicament new comers face when learning electronics is knowing exactly what they need to learn. What topics should be learned and in what order?

About the Book

Many electronics books contain a large number of circuit problems, but these tend to be over simplified or impractical. Some books offer interesting problems, but often do not explain how to solve them. Such problems tend to be more like exam questions or homework assignments, which, unfortunately, you must learn the hard way to solve on your own.

Practical Electronics for Inventors aims to answer many of the often misunderstood or rarely mentioned concepts in electronics, such as displacement currents through capacitors, how to approach operational amplifiers, how to generate photons, and what impedance matching is. Much of the current electronics literature tends to miss many of these subtleties that are essential to a better understanding of electrical phenomena.

This book is an intuitive, application-oriented introduction to electronics for engineers, hobbyists, and students, with more than 750 hand-drawn illustrations that provide clear, detailed instructions on how to turn theoretical ideas into real gadgets. Covers integrated circuits (ICs), digital electronics, and various input/output devices.

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