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 Process Heat Transfer Principles and Applications- for free


Heat conduction is one of the three basic modes of thermal energy transport (convection and radiation being the other two) and is involved in virtually all process heat transfer operations. For example, in commercial heat exchangers, heat is conducted through a solid wall (often a tube wall) separating two fluids of different temperatures.

Furthermore, the concept of thermal resistance, derived from the basic equations of heat conduction, is widely used in the analysis of problems arising in the design and operation of industrial equipment. Furthermore, many routine process engineering problems can be solved with acceptable accuracy using simple solutions of rectangular, cylindrical, and spherical heat conduction equations.

About the Book

This book is based on a course on process heat transfer that I have taught for many years. It is taken by older people and first-year graduate students who have completed an introductory course in engineering heat transfer. Although this background is assumed, almost all students need some review before moving onto more advanced content.

For this reason, and to ensure that this book is self-contained, the first three chapters provide a review of the essential material typically covered in an introductory heat transfer course. Furthermore, this book is intended to be used not only by university students but also by practicing engineers and is written with the goal of facilitating self-study.

Unlike some books in this field, this book does not attempt to cover all heat transfer equipment. Instead, the book focuses on the most widely used types of equipment in the chemical process industry: shell-and-tube heat exchangers (including condensers and reboilers), air-cooled heat exchangers, and double-tube (hairpin) heat exchangers. Within the constraints of a single volume, this approach allows for in-depth treatment of the most relevant material from an industrial perspective and provides students with the detailed knowledge necessary for engineering practice.

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