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The hidden history of money & new world order usury secrets- for free


All money created and tracked in the ledgers of privately controlled central banks and commercial/retail banks is counterfeit, i.e., “fiat” money, created from nothing and backed by nothing, owned by private bankers. Money has gone from being a means of exchange for physical assets to being a token of debt and a means for bankers or legalized bankers (banking gangs) to plunder the productivity of the people. This is explained in detail in The History of Hidden Money.

About the Book

This book is dedicated to those who seek pro-truth and anti-lie. It is born out of my desire to understand the unseen forces controlling the world and to share my knowledge of the truth. One cannot understand the mindset of the ruling dynasties behind the scenes today without knowing how world affairs came to be where they are today.

This book is dedicated to all great human beings who have worked or are working for freedom, true free enterprise, liberty, truth, peace, justice, and all that is good. The grand deceptions, distortions, lies, red herrings, diversions, distractions, Trojan horses, illusions, frauds, propaganda, half-truths and truths about lies, cover-ups, conspiracies and strategies, confusing and blatant mixed signals, fake terrorism, and truths by those who hide the truth and try to lead the masses into a tunnel vision It is dedicated to going beyond the campaign to deny and ridicule the truth a sir relevant and revealing the truth as nothing but the truth.

This book is also dedicated to the following books: the Torah (not the adulterated version by the Pharisees), the Bible (not the new distorted interpretation by the Zionists), and the Quran (how it reads when interpreted correctly). This book will give you a better understanding of the scriptures in these books as they relate to money, loan sharking, false accounting, conspiracy and concealment, secret meetings and deviousness, occultism and idolatry (and the ancient blood sacrifice rituals associated with them), and prophecy.

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