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Surveying is a fundamental element of all civil engineering projects. It is “the science of accurately measuring between known and unknown points and applying mathematical principles to determine their location with the necessary accuracy, and the art of issuing map products that satisfy customer needs. Surveying determines the geospatial location of a point or object (feature) on or near the earth’s surface for the purpose of graphically determining its relative position in topographic data and geometrically calculating its coordinates and elevation.

In transportation engineering, surveying provides the basis and continuity for the location of routes, the securing of land, and the design and construction of capital projects. Surveying establishes a basic horizontal and vertical “network” that helps stake out proposed designs during construction and re-establish future topography and highway right-of-way.

About the Book

The purpose of this manual is to describe the required standards, accepted procedures, and performance criteria used by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and its agencies in conducting surveys. Survey standards, procedures, and performance criteria provide consistency in survey accuracy and confidence in the mapping product to the customer.

The information contained in this manual has been prepared in compliance with applicable Department directives, policies and procedures, and nationally recognized geodetic surveying standards and practices. This manual is not a textbook and is not a substitute for surveying knowledge, experience, or professional judgment.

The manual is intended to establish minimum NYSDOT surveying standards, provide uniform procedures for implementing surveying best practices, ensure quality and continuity in the collection of survey data, and ensure compliance with federal and state performance standards.

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