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Advanced Direct Injection Combustion Engine Technologies and Development Volume 1- for free

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Over the past10 years, the development of direct injection internal combustion engines has made significant progress. While it may have been a coincidence that direct injection technology was developed in the mid-1990s and applied almost simultaneously to spark ignition (SI) gasoline engines and small diesel engines, direct injection technology was employed in both engines to improve performance while increasing efficiency in internal combustion engine (IC) engines for automotive applications.

However, the route to growth and market penetration has proven to be more unplanned for direct injection SI engines due to their relatively high costs, lower-than-expected benefits of fuel economy and full-load performance, their complexity and requirements for lean NOx after treatment systems. In comparison, high Speed direct injection (HSDI) diesel engines have achieved remarkable commercial success due to their excellent fuel economy and good performance characteristics.

About the Book

The book is divided into 2 volumes, the first deals with gasoline and gas engines, and the 2nd discusses diesel engines. Volume 1, xi, outlines the history and principles of high-efficiency direct injection gasoline engines, and presents approaches to achieve better fuel economy from such engines.

This includes discussions on stratified charge combustion for partial load operation in Chapter 2, engine miniaturization with turbochargers in Chapter 3, Lean boost and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) boost for further engine miniaturization in Chapters 4 and 5, and automatic ignition combustion for simultaneous reduction of NO and fuel consumption in Chapter 6.

Chapter 7 shows the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the design and optimization of direct injection gasoline engines. Chapter 8 reviews direct injection compressed natural gas (CNG) engines developed for commercial vehicles. Chapter 9 is written to reflect the experience of the world’s most successful bio fuel market in Brazil. Finally, Chapter 10 provides an up-to-date summary of advanced optical technologies and their application to the development of gasoline engines.

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