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Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB- for free


Engineering mathematics is a branch of applied mathematics relating to mathematical methods and techniques commonly used in engineering and industry. Engineering mathematics is anointer disciplinary subject motivated by non-professional practical, theoretical and other considerations and the needs of engineers to address constraints to be effective in their work, alongside engineering sciences that may belong to a wider range of disciplines, such as engineering physics and engineering geology.


In the previous 4 editions, the author presented a text firmly based on mathematics that engineers and scientists must understand and know how to use. Tapping into decades of education at the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Army Academy, Goddard served twenty-five years in Space Flight (NASA), and he is rare among the authors of advanced engineering mathematics books.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics offers a small, easy-to-read and convenient version of this classic textbook. Competing textbooks continue to grow, but the book presents slimmer and concise options. Lecturers and students alike are rejecting encyclopedic books at higher prices aimed at undergraduates. To assist in the selection of topics included in this new edition, the authors examined the syllabus of the various engineering mathematics courses taught in different schools.

Due to time constraints, the instructor can choose perhaps three to four topics from the book, most likely ordinary differential equations, Laplace transform, Fourier series and separation of variables to solve wave, heat, or Laplace equations. The Laplace transform may be replaced by linear algebra or vector calculus. For completeness, the sturm-Liouville problem and special functions (Legendre and Bessel functions) are included.

Topics such as Z transformations and complex variables are currently available in the companion book, Advanced Engineering Mathematics: A Second Course by the same author. MATLAB is still being adopted to reinforce the concepts being taught. Of course, this edition continues to provide a wealth of examples and applications from the scientific and engineering literature, which are the high lights of previous editions. The solution that worked is given on the back of the book.

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