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An Introduction to Excel for Civil Engineers from Engineering Theory to Excel Practice- for free


Learning Microsoft Excel is sometimes perceived as more engaging and is probably the most widely written about software learning topic in books, websites, courses, tutorial videos, groups, etc. Excel is relatively easy to operate, spread sheet forms (rows and columns), images, text, tables, and graphs, and is preferred by many because of its ability to display “complete” results. In discussing Excel for applied engineering calculations, one cannot separate the VBA (Visual Basic for Application) macros from the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language.

This is because macros, like other programming languages, make it easy to perform repetitive calculations and repeat calculation processes. There is a unique combination between work sheets and VBA as a user inter face that allows users to easily create programs.

This book also discusses depiction in AutoCAD software. Why? Because the drawing process can be done using Excel formulas and macros, which enhance a series of production programs; the advantages of AutoCAD drawing creation undoubtedly depend on its high image accuracy with a myriad of features.

In addition to the ease of use of Excel, this book is expected to increase the reader’s interest in creating original programs by presenting a wealth of examples of work. Thus, each one, or the challenge of a particular computation al model, will be an exciting challenge for readers who already enjoy programming work.

About the Book

Its a Excel basics book that every civil should have read by now. It addresses skills be that may not be covered in most Excel for civil engineering texts, such as step by step guides to create an application program and how to convert the steps into VBA code, how to perform matrix operations (multiplication and inversion) using Excel-VBA, macro for creating an engineering chart, a brief and simple guide to become an instant Excel-VBA programmer, and more… Also to be presented the depiction in AutoCAD program. Yes! Auto CAD is chosen because one of its advantages that relies on high drawing accuracy.

You will learn how to create a simple AutoCAD script file using Excel formulas and Excel-VBA. It is expected that you will be able to create simple Cartesian graph in Auto CAD, even you are an AutoCAD first time user! With the ease of working with Excel, coupled with benefit of the given examples in this book, it is expected to increase the interest of the reader to create new original application specific exciting challenge for a programming job is already enjoyable. Happy Excel programs. Thus, each model calculation will be or even a an programming!

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