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Building structures are rarely built to a high degree of dimensional accuracy. While the exact dimensions of some parts of a building, such as window frames or elevator rails, must be reasonably accurate, the basic structural framework is usually realized with very limited dimensional accuracy. Add to this the various considerations for inaccuracy in predicting loads for any structure, and the significance of highly accurate structural calculations becomes meaning less.

This leads to the conclusion that one should not be too concerned with numbers beyond the second digit (103 or 104, which ever is better). While most professional design work these days is probably done with computer support, most of the work shown here is very simple and was actually done using a hand calculator (an8-digitscientific type should suffice).


This book deals extensively with structures related to buildings. The emphasis in this book is on the concerns of the practicing professional designer who must deal with the practical issues of how to plan for the construction of practical and sensible buildings. The designer’s concerns range from a basic understanding of structural behavior to determining construction details for a particular type of building.

The designer’s concerns range from a basic understanding of structural behavior to determining the construction details of a particular type of building.

This book is designed to be studied in a logical sequence. However, it is expected that few readers will read the book from page one to the end as if reading a novel. Therefore, the chapters in this book are developed as reasonably independent, with appropriate references to other chapters for readers who need reinforcement.

In addition, readers may at any time use the table of contents, index, and glossary to seek help in understanding unfamiliar terms and ideas.

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