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Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development 5th Edition- for free

Project Management

Project management has come a long way since the introduction of modern technology into construction projects in the late 1950s., Commissioning, handover, review to coordination of facility management.

This Code of Practice positions the project manager as a representative of the client, but responsibilities may vary from project to project. As a result, project management may be defined as “the overall planning, coordination and management of the project from the start of the project to completion, with the aim of meeting the client’s requirements to create a project that is safe, on time, functional and financially viable, with in approved costs and in accordance with the required quality standards.”


The first edition of this Code of Practice, published in 1992, defined the work specifications of project managers and provided guidance on the role of project managers. Since then, project management has become an integral part of the construction industry, responsible for improving its reliability and product quality.

The following decades have experienced some significant changes within the industry with much focus towards changes in our culture and communications. The interaction between the key participants in this industry, which produces many grand projects with increasing levels of complexity and technological capabilities, continues to evolve around the need to deliver projects within agreed budgets, to acceptable levels of quality, and within agreed timescales.

The fourth edition, published in 2010, captured a range of themes across the industry. This fifth edition prepared in collaboration with a number of key experts the entire document has been overhauled to make it more modern.

While maintaining the integrity and rationale of the project manager and professional roles-ject management in the context of the construction industry.

Following the spectacularly successful delivery of the Olympic Games (London 2012)、Continuing with the UK Cross rail project, construction is at the forefront of successful Project management. Although this fifth edition was developed specifically for the UK

The construction industry, continues to meet the ever-increasing demand for authoritative documents on this subject in other parts of the world.

I strongly applaud this valuable multi-agency code of practice for all industries client to practice the project manager and actually to all students of the subject their mentor.

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