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Value Management of Construction Projects 2nd Edition- for free

Value Management

Value Management is a philosophy, principles, and structured management approach for improving organizational decision-making and value for money. Value Management is well established in the international construction industry and has been endorsed as good practice in various UK government sponsored reports.

Over the past decade, the debate on terrology has largely settled, helped by the publication of standards inanumber ofcountries.Internationally, “value management” (“value methodology” in the U.S.) is generally accepted as representingthe entire service. Other terms, primarily” value engineering,” describe specific parts ofaservice.

About the Book

By integrating background, international developments, and benchmarking with his own extensive consulting and action research experience in value management, the author addresses the practical opportunities and difficulties of value management and provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical package of theory and practice.

Covering methods and practices, the value framework, and the future of value management, this thoroughly updated second edition expands the integrated value philosophy, methodology, and toolkit to include the application of value management to service delivery, asset management, and programs, in addition to projects, products, and processes.

The book includes exemplary case studies that illustrate new areas of theory and practice, as well as chapters on a wide range of tools and techniques used in value management practice. For public and private construction contractors, cost consultants, estimators, architects, asset managers, engineers, project managers, and other construction professionals, this book is a must-read. It is also of interest to researchers and students of construction-related courses, especially final year undergraduates and masters students.

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