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Digital Electronics Principles, Devices and Applications- for free

Digital Electronics

Digital electronics is essential to understanding the design and operation of a wide range of applications, from consumer and industrial electronics to communications, embedded systems, and computers to security and military equipment.

As devices used in these applications become smaller and employ more complex technology, it is essential for engineers and students to fully understand both the fundamentals and implementation and application principles of digital electronics, devices, and integrated circuits, so that they can most appropriate and effective technology for their specific needs.

About the Book

Digital Electronics: Principles, Devices, and Applications is a comprehensive book that covers the fundamentals of digital electronics and the applications of digital devices and integrated circuits in a single volume. This book differs from similar books in this field in several ways. The chapters in this book, whether they relate to the fundamentals of operation or to applications, are illustrated with a wealth of diagrams and design examples.

In addition, this book covers several new topics of interest to anyone interested in digital electronics and not covered in the books already published in this field. These include digital troubleshooting, digital instrumentation, programmable logic devices, microprocessors, and microcontrollers.

While this book covers everything needed by undergraduate and graduate students in electrical engineering, electronics, computer science, and information technology, the purpose of this book is to intended to be a very useful reference for professionals, research and development scientists, and graduate-level students, while covering everything needed by undergraduate and graduate students in electrical, electronic, computer science, and information technology.

The book is divided into16chapters covering seven major topics. Namely, Fundamentals of Digital Electronics (Chapters1 through6), Combinational Logic Circuits (Chapters7 and 8), Programmable Logic Devices (Chapter9), Sequential Logic Circuits (Chapters10 and 11), Data Conversion Devices and Circuits (Chapter12), Micro processors, Micro controllers, Micro computers (Chapters13 through15), and Digital Trouble shooting and Instrumentation (Chapter16). 16 The contents of each chapter are briefly described in the following paragraphs.

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