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Cost Estimation of Structures in Commercial Buildings- for free

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are an important part of doing business, both for those who own them and those who rent them. Commercial buildings house a wide variety of businesses, including retail, restaurants, offices, and manufacturing. If you are considering opening a business with a physical store front, or if you are interested in owning and managing commercial real estate, it is important to understand what it entails.

A commercial building is a building in which commercial activity takes place. Commercial buildings include office buildings, retail space, and ware houses. This differs somewhat from commercial real estate, which also includes apartment buildings and other residential complexes.

The reason for this is that commercial buildings are places where commercial activity takes place, where as commercial properties benefit their owners but do not require commercial activity to take place within them. Mixed-use buildings that in clued a variety of spaces, such as commercial areas and apartments, may also be considered commercial properties in some circumstances.

About the Book

The purpose of this book is to illustrate the effect of various design parameters on the quantity of components using traditional structural systems, i.e., solid slab and beam systems, flat slab/waffle slab systems, and prestressed beam and slab systems, in relation to high-rise commercial buildings ranging from 5 to 50 stories. The influence is to be illustrated in the form of a chart.

Using the relationships in the chart, it should be possible to calculate the approximate quantities and thus the cost of the structure, given the structural scheme and other design parameters. The effects of design variables such as grid size, structural system/scheme, grid location, concrete grade, number of stories, structural continuity, and shear core size have been investigated by the authors and are presented in this book. The above parameters further facilitate the study of the effects of planform and size on the building structure.

Therefore, the core content of this book is for students to study the impact of design variables on structural costs and to establish cost-generating data that will help professionals achieve speed, reliability, and productivity in the performance of cost recommendations during the building design phase.

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