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Architecture is fundamentally concerned with two core activities: design and production. They are not mutually exclusive, of course, and often influence each other in an ongoing dialogue as a project progresses from concept to design development to final form, usually the realization of a building. The ability to effectively communicate creative ideas remains a central aspect of the field.

The development of computer-aided design (CAD) and a host of other software packages has increased the variety of design processes available to architects to an unprecedented degree, with the potential to influence the fabrication of buildings and their components. Of particular interest in this area is the recent ability to integrate analog and digital techniques and processes to produce physical objects such as three-dimensional concept drawings, scale models, and full-scale proto types.

The proliferation of computers and advanced modeling software has enabled architects and students alike to conceive and construct designs that would have been very difficult to develop using traditional methods. In particular, the advent of new computational modeling software that allows the generation and exploration of parametric systems and complex “biological” organization has provided architectural designers with new avenues for holistic design production and detailed component fabrication.

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The increasing sophistication of CAD and other design software has provided a wide variety of means to design and produce architecture and its components. The proliferation of advanced modeling software and hardware has enabled architects and students to conceive and produce designs that would be very difficult to achieve using traditional methods. This book focuses on the exciting architectural possibilities that can be realized using all the different technologies and techniques available to create complete designs and their components.

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