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Diesel Engine Transient Operation- for free

Diesel Engine

The most attractive feature of compression-ignition diesel engine is their excellent fuel efficiency, which exceeds 40% in vehicle applications and even 50% in large two-stroke units for marine propulsion and power generation.

As a result, diesel-powered vehicles achieve much lower specific fuel consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions than comparable spark-ignition engines over the entire operating range, as well as considerable cost savings over the life of the vehicle.

In addition, the diesel engine’s low sensitivity to changes in air-fuel ratio, lack of throttling, high torque, and high tolerance for peak cylinder pressures and temperatures make it suitable for application in a variety of supercharging schemes.

About the Book

In this book, diesel engines are the subject of analysis, and the behavior of naturally aspirated engines will focus only on certain aspects (e.g., cold starting). In fact, the title of this book is “Transient Operation of Turbocharged Diesel Engine”.

The book focuses on in-cylinder thermodynamic mismatch, exhaust emissions, and how to improve transient response. However, the book is intended to address the subject from all relevant aspects. As a result, interested readers will find information on “lesser known” areas such as second law (exergy, operating rate) analysis, compressor surging, and crankshaft torsional deformation during transients.

Typically, automotive applications will be the main focus of research, but transient response of industrial and marine engines will also be addressed. Furthermore, the analysis is thermodynamics oriented rather than control oriented. With respect to control, the effects of various control strategies on improving engine transient response are pointed out, mainly in Chapter 6.

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