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Make More Electronics by Charles Platt- for free


Want to learn electronics in a more fun and hands-on way? If you have completed a project in Make: Electronics or are already familiar with the book’s content, you are ready for Make: More Electronics. Get started on your real-world projects and explore the key components and essential principles through the experiments in this book. First you will build a circuit and learn the theory behind it!

The schematics in “Make: Electronics” are drawn in the “old-fashioned “style, using semicircular “jumps” where one wire is not connected and intersects another. This style was chosen to reduce the risk of making mistakes as a result of misinterpreting the circuits. In this book, we believe that the reader is sufficiently practiced in reading schematics that it is more important to adapt to the more modern style most commonly used in other countries.

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This book is a continuation of Make: Electronics and covers components such as comparators, optical sensors, high-level logic chips, multiplexers, shift registers, encoders, decoders, and magnetic sensors. You will also learn about topics such as audio amplification, randomness, and positive and negative feedback. Step-by-step instructions and hundreds of color photos and illustrations help you use and understand intermediate to advanced electronics concepts and techniques.

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