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Mechanical Design of Electric Motors By Wei Tong- for free

Electric Motors

Electric motors are widely used in industrial, commercial, and military applications, including automobiles, elevators, electronics, robots, home appliances, medical equipment, energy conversion systems, machine tools, aircraft carriers, and satellites. The recent surge in global energy demand has challenged the motor industry to design and manufacture electric motors with high efficiency, high reliability, low cost, and quiet operation.

About the Book

Ideal for motor designers, engineers, manufacturers, maintenance personnel, undergraduate and graduate students, and academic researchers, this book provides in-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art design methods and development sin electric motors.

From motor classification, component design, model setup, and material and bearing selection, to power losses, motor cooling, design integration, vibration, and acoustic noise, this comprehensive text covers the fundamentals of electric motors today, practical design and design-related issues, modeling and simulation, engineering analysis, manufacturing processes, test procedures, and performance characteristics.

Focusing on the mechanical design of today’s electric motors, it includes the following:

  • Details the design and manufacturing of major components and sub systems, including rotors, shafts, stators, and frames.
  • Describes various cooling techniques, including forced air, liquid cooling, and phase change.
  • Describes the analysis and calculation of motor power losses.
  • Motor vibration and acoustic noise issues.
  • Presents engineering analysis methods and case study results.
  • Emphasis will be placed on structure, optimization, and applications.

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