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Mechanics of Materials 2, Third Edition- for free


One of the most important subjects for students of engineering and materials is the behavior of materials and structures under load. The way they react to applied forces, the resulting deflections, and the stresses and strains in the objects involved are important considerations when designing mechanical components to ensure that they will not fail under the loads expected during their service life.

About the Book

This is the revised and expanded third edition of the popular text first published in 1977, and is intended to cover the content normally included in degree and honors courses in mechanics of materials and in the Engineering Council’s academic waiver courses.

The book covers more complex areas such as asymmetric bending, struts, rings, discs, cylinder plates, diaphragms, and loads and deflections of thin-walled sections. It also covers more advanced topics such as contact stresses, residual stresses, stress concentrations, fatigue, creep, and fracture, with a new focus on finite element analysis.

Each chapter includes a summary of the key formulas developed in that chapter and numerous examples of increasing difficulty as the principles are expanded. In addition, at the end of each chapter are exam questions, mostly from professional and academic organizations, graded by difficulty level for students to solve, with answers provided at the end.

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