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Random Vibration Mechanical Structural and Earthquake Engineering Applications- for free


Understanding and modeling vibration systems and measuring and controlling their vibration response are important basic competencies for mechanical, structural, and seismic engineers who deal with the dynamic response of mechanical and structural systems. In general, this capability requires three components: basic vibration theory, experimental observation, and measurement and time-varying response analysis of dynamic systems.

Of these three endeavors, the first two are relatively easy for engineering students to learn. The third element, however, often requires a mathematical background in random processes and is quite abstract for students. One course on engineering applications of stochastic processes and random oscillations is already too much for students to absorb because it is mathematically intensive and requires them to follow an abstract thought path through “pure” theory without practical examples.

About the Book

This book is the result of more than 20 years of extensive research and education by the authors on random vibration as it relates to earthquake structural response and structural engineering multiple hazard mitigation. Since natural disasters occur infrequently, relevant solutions must be based on probability criteria in random processes.

However, current books on random oscillations focus on conventional engineering problems. Therefore, the authors have combined traditional solution techniques with research and teaching experience to create this 11-chapter textbook.

It is intended to assist readers in utilizing traditional mathematical logic to solve more complex problems in a comprehensive and effective manner. For earthquake engineering applications, the authors address difficult and currently fashion able structural problems such as load and resistance factor design under the influence of multiple hazard loads and non linear vibration with random excitation. These advanced topics are valuable and will lead researchers and practitioners to pursue them further in the built facilities community.

This book is intended for one-semester graduate students. To help the reader clearly understand the concepts and mathematical formulations, the authors have created homework problems with detailed solutions in individual chapters. The editors strongly encourage the reader to patiently digest the contents of this book in small steps with the help of the solution manual.

It should be noted that comprehensive answer manuals are rarely available for books of this type. This reflects the admirable purpose of the authors who prepared this manuscript, and this book will be useful for many years to come.

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