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1000 Electrical Maintenance Question And Answers- for free


Electrical maintenance is the process of inspecting, testing, and maintaining electrical systems in the workplace. This includes wiring, breakers, lighting, outlets, and appliances. The purpose of maintenance is to ensure the safety and reliability of these systems.

The frequency of electrical maintenance depends on the environment and type of equipment. Generally, it is recommended that electrical maintenance be performed every three months, but the exact frequency should be determined by an electrician.


  1. What is static electricity? Static electricity means electricity at rest. If we join a charged conductor to another conductor, electricity flows from one to the other. This way an electric current is produced, which lasts for a moment only. Static electricity is no use. Rubbing of two different materials having different electrons produces this.
  2. What is current? Flow of electrons in any conductor is called electric current. Its symbol is ‘I’ and measuring unit is Ampere measured by ammeter or ampere meter.
  3. What is electro-motive force (emf) or voltage? It is the pressure that moves the electrons to flow in any conductor. It is also known as electromotive force voltage. Its symbol is ‘E’ or ‘V’ and measuring unit is volt measured by voltmeter.
  4. What is potential difference (P.D)? The difference of potential between two points in a circuit is the voltage required to drive the current between them or the voltage drop between those two points is called the potential difference.

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