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Basics Architecture- pdf for free


Architecture design process is as diverse as the people who practice it. The diversity and richness of the approach to the subject can be seen in the fundamental differences in the work of architects. In any architectural competition, 2 entries will never be the same.

What inspired the architect. Why is there no “right” answer to a given architectural problem? When you consult an architect or study your own work, you begin to realize that there is both a method and an inspiration behind the approach. The book is set to illustrate the process of design by linking the experience of those involved in architecture practice and learning.

The Base Architecture series provides a lively and accessible introduction to key concepts and techniques with in training. Each book is beautifully drawn with clear diagrams and inspiring images.

About the Book

Architectural projects are generally discussed by the public and the profession after they were built and passed. Over to the client. At this point, after some hindsight and rationalization, the complex story of the development of the project becomes understandable. However, the process of architectural design itself is still shrouded in mystery, rarely discussed and rarely represented in publications and interviews with architects. What is the value of a waste paper basket with a crumpled preliminary sketch or rough concept model?

The way architects design-the process they follow-is built by individuals; it is built entirely around their values, skills and preconceptions. This is what they bring to the design project as creative individuals, as well as carelessly repeating outdated or outdated actions.

This chapter places architectural design in its familiar context: Design Studio. This is where creative work takes place; it is an environment common to architectural education and professions. It is a place of practical things, a place of production, including equipment for making models, digital and hand drawing.

It is often supported by specialized workshops and printing facilities. Research materials such as architectural books and magazines are also available. The studio has its own culture: it is where re search, experimentation, discussion and testing of ideas take place before acting on the spot. The gathering of like-minded colleagues who can collaborate and criticize constructively helps to develop architectural proposals and foster mutual interest.

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