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Mechanical Engineering Principles 3rd Edition- for free

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Principles 3rd Edition is intended to expand the reader’s knowledge of the fundamental principles underlying mechanical engineering design and the operation of its systems.

Modern engineering systems and products relyonstatic and dynamic principles to operate. Even systems that appear to be completely electronic have a physical existence governed by the principles of statics.

In this third edition of Principles of Mechanical Engineering, a revised mathematical chapter has been added. Without a reasonable knowledge of mathematics, one cannot proceed in the study of engineering, a fact that is immediately apparent to students and teachers alike.

Therefore, it is hoped that the addition of this chapter on reviewing mathematics will make engineering studies more understand able and useful. The book has been slightly revised, further exercises, a glossary of terms, and biographies of prominent engineers have been added to the book.

About the Book

In this book, John Bird and Carl Ross introduce mechanical principles and techniques through examples and applications to help students properly understand the principles necessary for professional engineers and technicians. Designed to match a wide range of pre-degree courses, this all-new text is an accessible introduction for under graduate students who have never studied engineering.

This book provides the reader with a solid foundation, basedon mechanical engineering principles, for the safe construction of sky scrapers and long bridges that will last 1000years or more. In the author’s experience, it is most unwise to attempt to build such structures on unstable foundations.

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