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 Mechanics of Materials 7th Edition- for free


Mechanics of materials is a fundamental engineering subject that must be understood by all those concerned with the strength and physical performance of structures, whether man-made or natural. This subject includes fundamental concepts such as stress and strain, deformation and displacement, elasticity and inelasticity, strain energy, and load carrying capacity. These concepts provide the basis for the design and analysis of a wide variety of mechanical and structural systems.

At the university level, mechanics of materials is typically taught in the sophomore and junior years. It is required for most students majoring in mechanical engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, aeronautical engineering, and aerospace engineering. In addition, many students from such diverse fields as materials science, industrial engineering, architecture, and agricultural engineering also find the subject beneficial.

About the Book

The main topics covered in this book are the analysis and design of structural members subjected to tension, compression, torsion, and bending, including the basic concepts mentioned at the beginning. Other general topics covered include stress and strain transformations, combined loading, stress concentrations, beam deflections, and column stability.

Specialized topics include: thermal effects, dynamic loading, non-column arm embers, beams composed of two materials, shear centers, pressure vessels, and static in determinate beams. For completeness and occasional reference, elementary topics such as shear forces, bending moments, centroids, and moments of inertia a real so introduced.

A “Chapter Summary” at the beginning of each chapter and a “Chapter Summary and Review” at the end of each chapter summarize the important points of each chapter. In addition, each chapter begins with a photograph of a component or structure that illustrates the key concepts discussed in that chapter.

Because this book contains far more content than can be taught in a single course, the instructor can choose the topics them wishes to cover. As a guide, some of the more specialized topics are marked with an asterisk in the table of contents.

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