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Solving Engineering Problems in Dynamics by Michael B.-Spektor


Purpose fully controlling and improving how existing mechanical systems perform is a real and important issue, as is the development of new systems. As with the development of new systems, the purposeful control and improvement of how existing mechanical systems function is a real and important problem. We can obtain solutions to these problems by investigating the operating processes of machines and their units and elements. These investigations should be based on the fundamentals of dynamics combined with various related sciences.

The working processes that characterize the performance of the system can be described by mathematical equations that actually represent the equations of motion of the system. Analysis of these equations of motion will reveal the relationship between the parameters of the system and their effects on performance and other system characteristics and elements.

About the Book

This book (Solving Engineering Problems in Dynamics ) assists practicing engineers to successfully analyze real dynamics by presenting a comprehensive method for analyzing the motion of engineering systems and their components. This analysis covers three basicstages:1) construction of differential equations of motion,2) solution of differential equations of motion, and 3) analysis of the solutions.

While formal engineering education provides the basic skills to complete these stages, many engineers would never the less benefit from gaining further in sight in to the use of these fundamentals to solve real-world engineering problems. Therefore, this book provides step-by-step instructions on how to relate each of these phases.

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