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Surveying Duggal Assorted 2 Edition- Pdf For Free


Surveying is one of the oldest techniques practiced by man. History reveals that even in primitive times, surveying principles and practices were used, consciously or unconsciously, albeit crudely. In recent decades, however, surveying has become more rational and oriented.

The introduction and practice of surveying is integral to all fields of engineering. Regard less of the field of engineering, the training students receive in the art of observing, recording, and calculating data, and in the study of the causes and consequences of error, contributes directly to their success in other professional courses.

Directly contribute to success in other professional courses. In particular, it helps students develop qualities such as independence, initiative, and the ability to work well with others.

It also helps engineers to know the reasonable limits of accuracy and the value of significant figures. Knowledge of the limits of accuracy can best be gained by measuring with surveying instruments in actual use. The engineer must also know when to work in units of 1/1000th, 1/100th, and 1/10th of a meter, and what accuracy is required in the field data.

They must also know what degree of accuracy in the field data justifies performing calculations to the desired number of decimal places. As they gain experience, they will earn how funding, equipment, time, and man power will affect procedures and results. Taking field records under all field conditions will train you to be a good engineer who can make in dependent judgments.


This book provides an updated and comprehensive coverage on all the essentials of practical surveying. The most outstanding feature of the book is the condensation of the exhaustive theory into a symmetric, point-wise pattern and insertions of explanatory notes particularly with reference to the more common surveying operations for easy learning of the students.

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