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The academic book named by the authors, “Bioclimatic Principles in Architectural Design: the Path to Better Buildings, “focuses on one of the most important aspects of sustainable urbanism and architectural design. This original research report is the fifth volume of an annual research publication drafted by a team of students from the Department of Architecture at Vilnius Ge dim in as Technical University.

Continuing the tradition of the Design Studio project “Recreational Facilities in Natural Environments, “individual research topics were collected, analyzed, and presented in a comprehensive publication, conducted by students of the Arfu-13 group of the Department of Urban Design during the Fall 2014 semester.

We strongly believe that the “learning through design “approach will bring new understanding, skills, and professional competencies for planning and designing the most diverse functional, structural, and architectural recreational spaces and buildings in the natural and rural areas of Lithuania. The student group and their tutors enjoyed learning the theory and practice of bioclimatic principles in architectural design as far as they pertain to environmental quality and functional benefits to users.

This year’s series Vol. 5, “Bioclimatic Principles in Architectural Design: the Path to Better Buildings, “was produced in conjunction with the Design Studio Project and continues the department’s tradition. Previous series have included “Sustainable Water Management “in 2013,” Sustainable Design in Architecture “in 2012,” Environmental Elements and Details in Recreation”in2011, “Saunas in Recreation “in 2010, and other topics related to recreational architecture and urban The topics have been taken up.

About the Book

This chapter analyzes bio climatic principles in building design: solar radiation control, heat and cold control, internal gain management, natural ventilation and geo pathology, all of which are considered path ways to better buildings in sustainable and healthy urban environments.

The text, references, and figures in this book have been collected, reviewed, and designed to be an optimal learning resource for students, researchers, senior colleagues, and the public at large.

It is a credible and professional road map for all those involved in sustainable urbanism and bio climatic design, and will provide a better understanding of how to make buildings more comfortable, usable, and easier to construct and maintain.

The chapters in this book are organized by four student groups, and VGTU’s architecture program will cover more and more aspects of green urbanism and sustainable design in the years to come. This book is a high step taken by the second year architecture students, and we strongly believe that this achieve men twill build their professional careers and shape their personal life styles towards the highest quality and efficiency that society demands.

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This book is a must-read for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in architecture, urban studies, landscape studies, and related fields. This book is a must-read for advanced undergraduate and master’s students in architecture, urban studies, landscape studies, and related fields of study.

The content in this book has been peer reviewed and co-edited by an editorial board consisting of all representatives of the student working groups. The content of this book is based on the international experience of bioclimatic design in Lithuania. The book presents several methods and tools that can be used in projects of different nature. This book helps to take the concept of bioclimatic design from book theory to urban and architectural design practice.

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