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Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocodes 4th Edition- For Free


Concrete is arguably the most important building material and plays a role in all building structures. Its advantage is its versatility, i.e., it can be formed in to the shapes required for various structural forms. It also has excellent durability and fire resistance, provided that specifications and construction procedures are appropriate.

Concrete can be used for all standard building types, including single-story and multi-story buildings, containment structures, retaining wall structures, and bridges.

This book presents the principles of the design of concrete elements and also the design of complete structures, and provides practical illustrations of the theory. It explains the background to the Eurocode rules and goes beyond the core topics to cover the design of foundations, retaining walls, water retaining structures.

Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocodes includes more than sixty worked out design examples and over six hundred diagrams, plans and charts. The chapters are fully revised to the Eurocodes and the most commonly encountered design problems in structural concrete are covered. It is written for students on civil engineering degree courses and undergraduate level and higher levels, and is also a useful reference for practising engineers.


The fourth edition of this book is written in accordance with Euro code 2and related Euro code 1, which cover the structural use of concrete. The purpose of this book is to illustrate the practical application of the code rules by presenting design theory and including as many useful examples as possible.

The book is written primarily for students enrolled in civil engineering degree programs to help them understand the principles of elemental design and the design procedures for complete concrete buildings. It is also useful for new graduates starting their structural design careers and experienced engineers beginning to understand the Euro codes.

The book has been completely revised to conform to the Euro code regulations. Many new examples and sections have been added. Apart from references to code clauses, references to the code as a whole are now available, as are expressions from the code to facilitate references to the entire code.

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